Our Programs

You can direct your gift to one of these important areas:

Benevolence Fund
The Benevolence Fund supports the heart of our original mission - to provide comfortable and dignified living choices to underserved seniors whose income and assets are insufficient to cover the full cost of their care.  This year our charitable care will amount to over $3.5 million.

Employee Education Fund
Established in 2006, the Employee Education Fund awards financial aid to employees who go to college, take classes or participate in education outside the workplace. This Fund has provided employees across our campuses with opportunities they would not have been able to afford otherwise. Dining room servers, maintenance employees and nurses have received scholarships for additional education.

By Your Side:  End-of-Life Vigil Companions
They come at a critical time for people who have no one by their sides. They bring sensitivity and compassion, but most importantly, exceptional training in the practical, emotional and spiritual challenges of the end of life. They’re the volunteers of By Your Side. This innovative program fills a critical need. As a complement to hospice care, By Your Side volunteers are ready to serve, trying to ensure that no one who desires a companion dies alone.

The Staff Assistance Fund for Emergencies provides support to employees in dire emergencies. It is dependent on the gifts of our employees, who contribute through regular paycheck deductions, cash and donations of hours of their PTO (paid time off). Employees contribute more than $20,000 annually to sustain this fund.

Where Most Needed
We always appreciate unrestricted funding, which is directed to general operating costs. In the end, all our resources enable us to provide the best possible care and services to our residents.

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