"Leadership isn’t defined by your title.
It’s demonstrated by your actions."

James S. Rothrock, President and CEO
Episcopal Communities & Services.

At our Pasadena Support Services Office and at our communities, everyone is in a leadership position. Our mission demands it. Taking care of people means more than just providing for physical needs. It means taking the lead in nurturing the mind, body and spirit. This philosophy has attracted accomplished people to the Episcopal Communities & Services team. You may know the names below, but it's the synergy of our staff as a whole that makes the difference.

At the Episcopal Communities & Services
Support Services Office

  • James S. Rothrock, President & CEO
  • Terry Quigley, Vice President of Operations & COO
  • Stacie Ocampo, Vice President of Human Resources
  • Barbara Calderone, Vice President of Risk Management & Health Strategies
  • Sylvia Karl, Vice President of Affordable Housing
  • Christina Cerrato, Director of Operations for Affordable Housing
  • Susan Hixon, Director of Development & Communications
  • The Rev. Sarah Nichols, Director of Pastoral Care
  • Maleakhi Adi, Director of I.T.
  • Elena Liu, Controller

At the Communities

The Canterbury

  • Sharon Pewtress, Executive Director

The Covington

  • Krista Nay, Executive Director


  • David Weidert, Executive Director
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