The Pasadena Village

A new approach to community building.

HISTORY: In 2010, members of Episcopal Communities & Services' leadership team visited Boston and discovered Beacon Hill Village, the first among what is now a network of more than 60 villages nationwide, with another 100 in development. They brought the concept home to a group of Pasadena residents who had been exploring how they might help each other age successfully while remaining in their homes. It was an auspicious coupling of a great idea, grassroots interest and organizational support. The Pasadena Village has since incorporated as a nonprofit and has attracted many collaborators, including the Pasadena Senior Center and the Huntington Hospital Senior Care Network.

MISSION: The Pasadena Village is a membership organization connecting people aged 55 and over to resources which enable its members to enjoy safe, healthy, satisfying and fruitful lives while remaining in their homes.

PROGRAMS AND SERVICES: The services provided are those that members need and want.  Most member services are provided by volunteers and are free with membership, but a few services are fulfilled by pre-screened professional service providers.  One phone call connects members to a network of resources, including:    

  • Local transportation
  • Temporary meal and grocery delivery
  • Recreation and physical fitness activities
  • Home maintenance & household tasks
  • Financial and legal services
  • Health care options
  • Technological assistance

SOCIAL CONNECTIONS: A key element of Pasadena Village is its commitment to social interaction and personal well-being. We know that aging adults may experience increasing isolation and a shrinking sense of efficacy and self worth. Instead, village members enrich each other's lives through the following opportunities:

  • Social engagement at dinners and events
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Educational programs
  • Cultural experiences
  • Affinity groups

MEMBERSHIP: The Pasadena Village welcomed its first 50 charter members in June of 2012.  Since then, membership has continued to grow as more Pasadena area residents learn about the Village.  Membership fees are due yearly, and scholarships are available for those with limited incomes. 

The Pasadena Village welcomes your interest and support. For more information, visit The Pasadena Village Web site or call (626) 765-6037.

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